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Conchylinet v.2.9 - 2014-04-16
2901334 visits since Jan. 2007.

How to contribute ?

You can contribute to Conchylinet by many ways:

1 - You collected shells from a place and you are willing to see them added in the Conchylinet database. Then you can send me your shells by postmail with full details (contact me for more information).
    Full details includes :
    - Accurate location details (sea, country, town or site or/and longitude and latitude),
    - Collect date,
    - Name of the collector,
    - [optional] Abundance estimates (your estimate of an abundance index from 1-seldom to 5-swarming),
    - [optional] Living environment description (for live shells only, no need to overcollect them).
When received, I will process them (i.e. photography, measurment, identification) and will return them to you (unless you don't want to keep them).

2 -You have knowledge of the locations and the species from the unidentified shells section. Then feel free to post your identification proposal, for that you just need to enter a username and a short text with:
    - Genus specie name,
    - Author and year of description,
    - [optional] Reference where to find the description of the specie.

When you have contributed to Conchylinet I will send you an username and a password that will enable to log in Conchylinet and see more information on each specie, this login will also enable you to access to your shells section with query features for easy browsing.