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Conchylinet v.2.9 - 2014-04-16
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What is Conchylinet ?
Conchylinet is a site dedicated to the seashells collection. It is intended to any public interested in molluscs and seashells.

It aims these objectives:
  1. It displays an online collection that anybody can browse either as a shell identification guide using the interactive plates, or just as a pictures book to see the beautiful diversity of marine shells.
  2. It provides general information about molluscs, their shells and the hobby of collecting.
  3. It is intended to collect contributions about seashells from you. You can do it either in sharing data and pictures of shells you collected or, in helping in the identification of the numerous unknown species of Conchylinet.
  4. It can be used by anybody studying malacology. Feel free to contact me for any molluscs related inquiries. I would gladly share data or shells for a better understanding of these animals.
       Pierre P.
Using Conchylinet
You can access to all sections and sub-sections of this site from the left panel (the menu). When clicking on an entry of this panel the related section content is displayed on the right. In the same time the related menu sub-entries are showed and the non-related menu entries are hidden.

Recent shells photographs

A specie from the collection

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Last update: Sunday 16 June 2024

    Addition of bivalves species

Current statistics
2463 species illustrated
872 shells still unidentified

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